Ulead COOL 3D Studio

Ulead COOL 3D Studio 1.0

Creates professional 3D graphics and text animations
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Ulead Systems
Combines an intuitive interface to create 3D graphics and text animations. It works with 3D objects as well, and exports image sequences as GIF images.

Ulead 3D Studio is very powerful 3D graphics and text animation tool. This software is so easy, that a person who can work with a picture can work with 3d objects with the help of Unlead 3D Studio.
Ulead 3D Studio can be used to create image sequence or GIF images, videos and the 3D Macromedia Flash movies. The navigator toolbar and the timeline toolbar gives the user better control over the production.
Ulead 3D Studio offers Easy Palette for the beginners. This palette includes 3D objects,3D models, animations, videos and some very good 3D effects. Users new to 3D can edit the 3D models available to understand the structure of a 3d object.

Lathe object is very useful feature for creation of round or cylindrical objects. "Insert graphics" allows the user to draw custom designs. The resize, move and rotate buttons enable a user to explore any object with more ease and better view.

Time-Line toolbar can be used to create animations with effects. User can set the position for an object at a particular time using position tab, so an animation can be created easily. You can save any 3D object with Ulead 3D Studio and then open in another editor.

The color and light adjustment enables the user to create lifelike effects and moves. The 3D camera view helps the user to get desired results of designing.

Finally Ulead 3D Studio is very powerful and easy to use 3D creation tool, and very good option for beginners with 3D.

jasminder singh
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  • Best software for beginners in 3d production
  • 3d Studio offers almost every feature needed for 3d object designing
  • This software offers 3d model samples that helps the user to understand the structure of a 3d object


  • User cannot create complex objects because the wire frame editor is not so flexible
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